Why Alphascope?

 We focus on liberation or Praxis. We believe education can be a liberation in human lives. Best education is one that helps a student to integrate with culture, living styles and adapting new skills relevant to the time. International universities helps one to develop critical thinking, research aptitude, open mindset and above all acquire the best professional skills demanded in your profession. For which one has to expose oneself to that international life.

Our focus is liberation; when you upgrade, your generation will be better humans having a better life. We believe education can liberate you.”

Person-Centered Approach

Our services are designed according to the needs of the students, 


Guide the students to have the best education to be the best solution provider to humanity pertaining to their career


Top Universities 

sometimes be challenging to know where to begin. When choosing an University to attend. We are here to guide you in this.

We assist you to make your decision on Universities Ranking, teaching excellence, location, cost, placement options, Career opportunities and life.


ongoing support

We will be there for you while you explore the university selection process and make your first steps on the campus of your choice. That includes assistance with counseling, career guidance, admission, visa, and housing support.

We can give you the best support that you need because Alphascope was founded by the person’s experience who made this journey.


A day with international students

Making a choice to be an international student demands determination and planning. To plan one has to know how education and international life will.

We offer you a day with international students to discuss and clarify your doubts. Because lived experiences are always the best guide. Our mission is to assist you in this journey.




Liberate to see the world through your naked eye


Personalized Approach

We take a person-centered approach, so each student receives a unique level of support from us. For a dream to come true, certain things must be present. This is accomplished by assessing the state of each student and envisaging checking in with their network of support.

We limit their selection of universities based on their financial situation and the university that can help them realize their dreams.


Expertise Guidance

We are a competent team who shares the journey you would like to make. The suffering endured as an overseas student inspired the founding of Alphascope. We present a praxis that combines knowledge and experience here. Our experience comes in the form of lived experience and a digital marketing firm called MediaWowfactor, which has a wealth of knowledge working with various education consulting firms. And we have a strong, energized team ready to offer you all the aid you need in the shape of career coaching and professional counseling. We would want to be a part of your trip by providing the greatest experience that will benefit both your study abroad and your foreign lifestyle.


Sturdy + Work + Life

The decision to pursue higher education abroad places a premium on your ability to balance employment, life, and studies. We have the experience to show that it is not that simple. They don’t feed you but rather spark your curiosity and encourage you with research. Moreover, inculturation is a necessity in life, necessitating an understanding of the legal system, cultural norms, and emotional climate of the country in question. A job that teaches you the skills and financial support that will enable you to take charge of your life. We will assist you in making this lovely journey by assisting you in making all of the necessary preparations before you leave.

Our History


Media wowfactor

Our Journey of education support began with wowfactor


Libra Learnings

We enlarged our vision of education and support through libra 



Through Knitbillion, which will soon be relaunched as ViMoksha, we decided to address the pain of business owners and those who are stuck in life.



Alphascope is a praxis, born to offer the best solutions to the students who dream to have higher education Abroad.